To help aspiring university students, career professionals, and businesses reach the peak of their education, career and business within the shortest possible time.


We guide, counsel, and support clients through individualized attention, guidance,  research and training with expertise in the varied  processes of university admissions, career growth, and business development to help them thrive while reaching their full potential.


Studying abroad, establishing a career, running a corporate institution can be nerve-racking but highly rewarding. That’s where we come in. Work with Goldilocks Educational Services (GES) and take out the roadblocks on your path to success. 

Goldilocks Educational Services Limited is a registered company located in Abuja, Nigeria that caters to a wide range of individuals ranging from students, career professionals, to corporate and educational leaders, and organisations.

Before it became a registered company in 2005, Goldilocks Educational Services started by offering training services to teaching professionals and schools particularly in the area of setting up effective reading curriculum for young children. The huge successes recorded on this path led to a formal registration of the company as a private limited liability company charged with supporting clients both in the education and corporate world to reach their goals. 

Today our services cover these core areas: International Admissions, Educational & Career Counselling, Corporate Training Services, and Strategic Retreat for organisational peak.


At GES, these are the values that collectively guide our decisions and actions:

  • Quality: We maintain rigorous standards for every work, big or small.  We care deeply about our work and are continuously innovating to provide top-notch value that meets the expectations of our clients. 
  • Passion: Our resolve to help our clients reach their maximum potential  is tireless. From start to finish, we passionately advance the growth and success of our clients.

  • Integrity: We believe in acting honestly and ethically in all our dealings within and outside the company
  • Customer Focus: To us, our clients are partners. We work closely with our clients, providing tailored support and solutions. At every point in our interaction, we are guided by the question: “What is best for our clients?”



Abdulbasit Bolaji Bakare


Ashiat Tajudeen Abdulbasit

Co-Founder/Director of Administration & Finance

Lateefah Yusuf Abdulbasit

Director of 


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