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 FAIR 2022

Sandralia Hotel, Abuja | July 20, 2022 | 10 am - 2 pm


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WhY YOU Shouldn't MISS this opportunity!!!

Are you a parent who wants the best quality education for your child? Where they won’t be affected by ASUU Strike and you are certain about the duration of study?

Are you a Student who just completed your O’ Level exams or who is still in senior secondary school And Struggling to make a Career Choice?  Do you wish to go abroad and study in an international university? And graduate right on schedule?

Your Journey starts Here - Make a head start  by speaking with university education experts without paying thousands in consultation fees! 

Are you a school guidance counselor?  then this is where you want to be on the 20th of July. You will learn from seasoned professionals how to assist and advise your students about academic and career matters better, in line with global trends.

When You Come To The Fair...

You'll Have The Golden Opportunity To :

Talk One-to-One With Experts in Overseas Admissions Process

The Fair sets the stage for you to discuss all overseas admissions details directly with representatives of our partner agencies. If it is related to university admissions abroad, you can talk to those who really have the answers!

Ditch the Trial & Error Method

Submitting random applications and waiting for one to ‘click’ is not the way to go, and you know it (at least we hope you do). Ditch the trial-and-error university application method; learn how to successfully study your dream course in your dream university in your dream country from those who know. Study  abroad easily using the guaranteed process we are going to show you.

Don’t Just Choose; Choose Right 

Secure your future with the right course. Be ready for the curves and turns of the advancing world with the appropriate degree and skills. Receive the right information and guidance from experienced counselors to help you identify, select the right course and unlock opportunities for the future. Don’t jump on the bandwagon; make the right choice for a happy and impactful future.

Learn To Secure Your Wellbeing As An International Student

Living several miles away from everything & everyone that's familiar can be daunting. The worries are endless... Is your personal safety guaranteed? Can you uphold your values in a new environment without undue compromise? Will your spiritual wellbeing suffer? These are valid concerns and yes, should not be taken lightly. We won't only teach you practical steps on how to maintain your personal, moral and spiritual wellbeing as a foreign student, but show you how we can help.

Get Information on Scholarships and Offers

Every year, there are billions of dollars’ worth of scholarships available for grabs. Learn how you can get your hands on them.

Stay Ahead of the Pack

If there's a time to not be on the fence, it's now.

The world is changing very fast, and with these changes come

new realities in the professional world. Don't get left behind.

Be ready to move with the world with the right information.

Value Packed Talks 

Come learn from our line-up of presentations & experienced speakers

Topic 1:  Advice: Courses for the Future & Now

  • Life Before & After WAEC: What Next?
  • Choosing Courses, Universities & Career Enhancement

Topic 2: Your Wellbeing on Campus as an International Student

  • Protecting and Enhancing Your Personal, Moral & Spiritual Development

Topic 3: Your Roadmap to Success

  • Discover Various Pathways to Admission Success


Beat the Odds of the Nigerian system 

Earn an international undergraduate degree in 3 years with full institutional support from application to graduation. 

Strike now so your future is not stricken!

Get 100% Value with Zero Naira

We are so confident that you will get great value from attending this fair as a parent, school guidance counselor, or secondary school student/graduate that you would want to pay us after the event. 

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